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200 Wall-O-Matic Tabletop Jukebox Wallbox

Software Update - Dec 2022

Software Update - Dec 2022


Version: VWB01_221201


About update, when the software is updated with PROG, you can use the front buttons to select songs, and you can only edit up to 99 songs. The operation method: press and hold the PROG button to display -- and start using the front buttons to select songs. You can directly select 99 songs. After programming, press PLAY Start playing.

Operation method:
1. Long press the prog key, the display will display " -- ";
2. Press the corresponding letter and number key (for example: A+8, C+2, J+0...)
3. Press the play button to start playing, and it will be cleared automatically after playing;
4. Up to 99 songs can be selected;
5. As long as the prog key or the stop key is not short-pressed, it will keep waiting for the user to input the key;

The Bluetooth pairing name has been changed to: ARKROCKET



Upgrade method:
1. Unzip the upgrade file to the USB disk
2. Transfer product function to USB function
3. Plug in the USB and it will automatically upgrade
4. After the upgrade is completed, it will automatically shut down, and then power off the product and reconnect the power supply.
5. The upgrade is complete.

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