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About Arkrocket

#Life Is Music, Play It Louder

Arkrocket is a subsidiary of Hifun Design and Trading Inc.,  headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Arkrocket is a brand that takes inspiration from the golden age of music and space exploration. The brand's founders were music lovers and futurists who wanted to create a product line that would allow people to rediscover their love for vinyl records and embrace the futuristic technology that was emerging at the time.

Design Concept

The brand's retro futurism concept is reflected in its product design, which combines vintage elements with modern technology. The vinyl players are designed to look like they've been taken from a spaceship, and the turntables have a sleek, futuristic look while still retaining the warm sound of vinyl.



Arkrocket wish to help people explore their musical universe and take a trip down memory lane. With Arkrocket, music lovers can revisit the classic albums they grew up with, discover new music, and experience the rich sound of vinyl. The brand's products are designed to bring people closer to the music they love and help them create new memories.


The resurgence of vintage vinyl records is a growing trend that is being driven by a renewed appreciation for the warm, rich sound of analog music. Additionally, as technology continues to evolve, the brand would explore new and innovative ways to bring the vintage vinyl experience to a wider audience.

In the future, the brand may expand its product line to include other retro-inspired audio products, such as cassette players or vintage-style speakers. The brand could also collaborate with other companies in the audio industry to create products that combine vintage aesthetics with modern technology.

Overall, the future of the Arkrocket brand is likely to be shaped by its commitment to combining nostalgia and innovation, and its passion for helping people rediscover the joys of vinyl records. With its strong brand identity and its focus on creating high-quality products, the brand is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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