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If you are interested in our products, and have an established retail store or e-commerce site, please complete the form below for information on setting up an account. We offer drop ship fulfillment services for ecommerce companies and have numerous programs available for retail stores. These programs range from those with no minimum order or annual commitment to direct fulfillment via bulk orders utilizing truck line or LTL shipments. We work with literally hundreds of indie record stores and specialty retailers. We can design a flexible program around your needs, whether it involves a single-display model your retail store or an EDI-linked drop ship fulfillment account.

We aren’t currently seeking new dealers for online sales through eBay or Amazon-type marketplace web stores. While current dealers are allowed to sell through these outlets, we are not expanding the program beyond the current dealer network in this segment at this time. All new dealers must have an established website or established retail operation.

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