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How to operate Huygens turntable's Bluetooth input and output:

Update - Feb 2024

Bluetooth® Input

The Huygens turntable features four built-in speakers and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker via Bluetooth input:

  1. Turn on the turntable and press the mode button until the BT indicator light in the function display area starts flashing blue. This indicates that the turntable has entered Bluetooth input mode.

  2. Search for new Bluetooth devices from your Cellphone or any media device, and select "Arkrocket Huygens" from the list to pair.

  3. Play and stream music from your media device to the turntable. The indicator light will become solid.

Bluetooth® Transmitter

The Huygens record player with Bluetooth output functionality allows you to connect it wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers or headphones, giving you the ability to enjoy your favourite music with high-quality sound reproduction without any cables getting in the way. 

  1. Switch the record player on, then set the volume on both devices to low to begin with.

  2. Set the mode selection dial on the record player to PHONO (PH) to play

  3. Long press the        button (ON) to begin the pairing process, the operationindicator light in blue once the connection has been eatablished.

  4. Play the music from the turntable to a media derice, If you wish to end playback, long press the       button again(OFF) to deactivate the transmitter function.

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