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SOOOO Excited with 200 Wall-O-Matic Jukebox

we received a letter from a customer sharing a special connection with our product, the 200 Wall-O-Matic, along with some tips on curating a song list. The customer's name is Kip Schwanke, the owner of 4Kids Media, LLC.

In his letter, Kip enthusiastically detailed his new program—a "Music Diner" designed specifically for seniors and retirement parties. In this setup, he performs oldies in a retro-style diner environment, and the 200 Wall-O-Matic plays a key role.

Below is the original text of the letter, which may inspire you on how to set up your jukebox.

Info: My new show, for which the ArkRocket is CRITICAL - is a Music Diner, where I sing and play oldies in a Diner like setting for seniors and retirement parties. (See attached Image 1) JUST COMPLETED, I just finished my SD card system and set-up. Per the attached image 2, you will see the layout of what is actually 200 songs for SD. 1. First, I recorded my voice of each button option to a long .mp3 file 2. I then sliced and rendered that file into 200 individual audio files. 3. Each file is now my voice saying each button option. 4. Obviously, I not only numbered the files 001 thru 200 but also added their Button ID's using a freeware file renamer tool Don't ask about how much time that all took, lol. 3. Then using Access (database I created), I have been building over 350 music files with associated chords and lyrics files (and some Karaoke .cdg) for my show.... 4. I then picked roughly 40 songs to practice and whittle down for my first shows starting in September 5. That database, allows me to create custom fields and sort orders so I can name, number, and describe and manage the songs from their associated Word.doc lyrics files and their Mp3 backing tracks and custom tracks I purchase. 6. I then designed a spoof MENU for the diner, (See attached Image 3) 7. and,,,via Access queries and printouts, I then was able to pick and choose which button letters represented which menu categories and then organize the songs by them 8. and then NUMBER the songs in those categories for the SD, to replace the spoken ones they will use I then went into Access and updated the data, for the 40, and then copied their .mp3's to the folder with all the button MP3s. Then, I renumbered the songs as needed in my layout, and deleted their voice file duplicates AND COPIED THEM 1 x 1 to the CD card as instructed. THEY PLAY BY BUTTON PERFECTLY. Anecdotally, the reason I created the 200 individual button audios is so that live....ifffffffff by chance something goes haywire (yes I have computer backup as well)....I can hit any button and number on the ArkRocket and hear what the system thinks that button is. So, if need be, it might help me find my location/way in a pinch, without having to resort to a complete backup system. Thanks SooooooooOOOoooooOooOOOoooo much. This is going to be so cool. Obviously, copyright to me applies for all content, layout, designs, show concept and execution, but you might be interested in my "talking button" directory as a template for others? Thanks again Kip Schwanke 4Kids Media, LLC.

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