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Life is Music, Play it Louder.

At Arkrocket Audio, our design philosophy is to combine the best vintage audio design with the modern pleasures of life. We work hard to bring back the retro design that displays vinyl records in a fun and vintage style while using the best of today's technology.


This is Arkrocket's flagship offering designed for audiophiles. In order to provide you with an even more immersive music experience. It encompasses multiple models such as Cassini, Huygens, and Polaris.

Arkrocket Saturn V Jukebox

Saturn V

The All-In-One full-size jukebox that plays music from records, smartphones, CDs, SD Cards, FM/AM radio and Sonos/Alexa. Unique Rainbow color-changing LEDs that illuminate the machine with lighting-changing modes. Ideal for vinyl collectors of retro rock ’n roll, the jukebox contains an integrated microprocessor-controlled 3-speed turntable.

Arkrocket Athena Tabletop Jukebox

Athena Tabletop Jukebox


The best of the past and today: let the Arkrocket Athena jukebox bring back the most beautiful memories while benefiting from the advantages of the latest technology. The Athena offers a very special kind of music experience thanks to its technical sophistication, impressive lighting and sophisticated design.

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Stay tuned for our dedicated efforts to bring Arkrocket to more markets.

Arkrocket pink white Record player with white leg stand

Discovery Record Player

Bring a bit of the Swinging '60s into your home and get grooving with the classic sounds and stylings of the Retro Turntable from ARKROCKET.

Arkrocket Taurus Jukebox with Billiard table

Retro Jukebox

Revel in the nostalgic beauty of a colorful jukebox while enjoying the latest technological advances.

Arkrocket Audio Record Player music equipment


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Arkrocket Audio is an United State Based Audio Company offering Beautiful Premium Music equipment.

Arkrocket Audio comes from a passion to step out of the shadow of conformity and shine in the realm of honest quality product.
Bringing together 10 years experience in design and quality sourcing.

Arkrocket brings a classic sound accentuated with stunning looks, a value to behold.

Our philosophy is to bring our customer serious value without the compromise for quality. We pride ourselves on delivering confidence to our customers through authentic uplifting sound and designs that inspire beauty.

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