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How to replace
the Turntable of Taurus Jukebox

Update - Jan 2023

If the Turntable of your Taurus Jukebox does not work, damaged or the speed is not accurate, you can solve these problems by trying to replace the new Turntable. You can contact customer service to inquire about the warranty coverage or to purchase New Parts.

After you receive a new turntable, you can easily replace it according to the following steps.

1. Remove all screws and open the back panel:

2. Unhook the radio antenna and remove the two jack panel screws.:

3. Move the entire backplane to the right side of the jukebox:

4. Locate the three support screws on the bottom of the turntable and use the short screwdriver to remove them:


5. Unplug the 2 sockets of the turntable which connect to jukebox:


6. You can now remove the turntable as a whole from the front. Replace the old turntable with a new one.


7. Plug the 2 ports into the place where they were pulled out before.

Now you can try to plug in the power and turn on the machine. Switch the Mode to PH and test if the turntable is working fine. (Please do not touch any part of the back at this time)

8. If it works, disconnect the power.

Secure the 3 screws at the bottom of the turntable. And reinstall the backplane.

If it still does not work normally, please contact customer service.

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